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Welcome to Follow Me Girl


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Follow Me Girl Logline?

A ramrod but anxious Latino boy from inner city San Antonio hustles his way into starting a Scout Troop to win the heart of an adventurous, rich white girl, against the wishes of her overbearing Scoutmaster father.

What's the genre? 

Follow Me Girl is a romantic comedy. 

Where does it take place? 

  • Most of the action takes place on the South and Westside of Downtown San Antonio until the Scout Adventure scenes. Those will be at The Alamo Area Council which manages over 1,280 acres of outdoor adventure for boys and girls from 5-20 years of age at three premier camps – 
  • Bear Creek Scout Reservation in the Texas Hills Country
  • Mays Family Scout Ranch on the Medina River South of Downtown, and 
  • McGimsey Scout Park in Castle Hills, North Central San Antonio. 

Learn more at www.AlamoAreaBSA.org


What are the themes being highlighted? 

The main theme of Follow Me Girl is the universal story of two people (an unlikely pairing) from different cultures meeting and, eventually, 

with much conflict, falling head over heels in love.

Several other themes are highlighted:

  • Love at first sight by our boy hero when he sees his girl.
  • Commitment issues from our cute and pure of heart girl
  • False identity by our hard working but a little dumb boy hero   - he lies about his status, Scouting acumen and adventure experience. 
  • Girls and their place in the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Economically disadvantaged youth and their place in our Scouting community and beyond. 


Director & Cast

My name is Angel Zuniga Martinez. I'm the Chief Storyteller for Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council based in San Antonio, Texas. I help our nonprofit reach its goals of serving more youth by supporting a sales team in creating and managing great story content, with an emphasis on filmmaking! I am also the Public Relations director, a key member of our Senior Management Cabinet and provide leadership to our support staff. 

 I am also the screenplay writer, director, and producer for Follow Me Girl.

 What other films have you done? 

How did you choose the cast? Why were they chosen? What makes them perfect for this movie? What sort of experience do they bring to the film?


Coming Soon!

Follow Me Girl is in the development stage - working to finalize the screenplay and meet with strategic partners and investors. There is no release date for the film at this time.

 Are there special viewing events? Will it be showing at any festivals? Have their been any reviews? Who reviewed the film? What did they say?

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